On this page, we're asking about the vehicles that you've told us each person has.. Click the Add Owner button if someone else owns the vehicle with this person.


First, we'd like to know the year, make, model, and license plate number of the vehicle.  By "make", we mean the company that made the vehicle.  For example, Toyota is a make for some cars.  International Harvester is a make for some pieces of farm equipment.  By "model", we mean the name of the vehicle.  For example, Camry, Civic, and Mustang are all models of cars.


Next, please tell us if the vehicle is registered by selecting the Yes or No radio button.


Next, please tell us how much the person still owes on the vehicle.  For example, if you bought a 2000 Toyota Camry for $6,000.  You've paid $2,000 of it.  $4,000 is the amount you owe.  If the person doesn't owe anything on it, leave the question blank.


Next, answer questions “Explain how vehicle is used” and and if you no longer have it, when it was sold


If someone owns other vehicles select the Yes radio button.


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