Life Insurance Policies

On this page, we're asking about the life insurance that you've told us each person owns.


First, please tell us your insurance policy number.


Then, please tell us the name and address of the company where you purchased the life insurance policy.


Next, please tell us the "face value" of the policy.  By face value, we mean the minimum benefit that will be paid out upon the person's death.  This is also known as the "death benefit." Life insurance policies always have a face value, and the amount is usually written on the policy.


Then, please tell us the "cash surrender value" of the policy.  By cash surrender value, we mean the amount that you would get if you cancelled the policy before your death.  This is also known as the "cash value."

Keep in mind that not all life insurance policies have a cash value.  In most cases, term, group, and group/term policies do not have cash value. If your policy doesn't have a cash value, leave this question blank.


Last, for each type of life insurance, we'll ask if that person has any more of the same type of life insurance.  For example, this would give you a chance to tell us if someone has more than one universal life insurance policy.  If the person does have the same type of life insurance, click the Yes radio button.  On the next page, you can tell us about the next policy.  If the person doesn't have the same type of policy, click the No radio button.


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