Welcome to Online Help

The help is an online tool that provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete a specific, common task within ConneCT. Each section begins with a summary paragraph. This paragraph provides general information about the screen and the task it describes. Following the summary paragraph are Process Steps that outline the procedures required to complete the task.

How to Use the ConneCT Help

The left frame of the main help window contains the Contents, Index, External Links and Search tabs, which assist the user in locating information. On the Contents tab, each page is represented by a  <icon>. The  Table of Contents generally follows the screen flow of Pre-Screening, making individual pages easy to find and use.


The Index and Search tabs within the Online Help window allow the user to quickly search for specific help topics by keyword. The Index tab lists all topics in alphabetical order. The user can scroll through the list to browse all the topics, or enter a keyword to search for a specific page. Additionally, the user can search all Wizard pages for a particular term by entering the term on the Search tab.