Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses

We’re asking this question to find out whether anyone in your home who is elderly (age 60 and older), or blind or permanently disabled has any medical bills. These bills can affect the benefits you may be able to get.

Keep in mind that we can only count medical bills of people in your home who are blind or permanently disabled or 60 and older.

In addition, we can only count medical costs that people in your home actually pay for. Don't count any expenses that will be paid by an insurance company or government program like Medicare. You should count all of the bills you’re responsible for, even if you haven’t been able to pay them.

Here is a list of all the things you may count as medical expenses, as long as they are out-of-pocket costs not covered by insurance or a government program:



Lifeline or MedicAlert devices used to contact medical help in emergencies, if ordered by a licensed practitioner or other qualified health professional.



We’re asking this question to see if the people who live in a nursing home, receive home care, or reside in licensed boarding facility can get help with paying for their care.

If you know the monthly cost of each person’s care, type it into the box.

If you don’t know the amount, make the best guess