Child Expenses

Child Care

We’re asking this question to help figure out the benefits you may be able to get.

Child care is money you pay to someone else to take care of your children while you work or look for work.

If a state agency, non-profit agency or someone who lives outside your home pays child care costs for children in your home, please don’t count their part of the payment. If no one pays for child care, just leave the amount at zero.


Child Support

We’re asking this question because the child support paid by adults in your home may affect your benefits.

Child support is money that you provide for your  children who don’t live with you.

If your child support payments are taken out of your paycheck, tell us how much is taken out of your check each month.

Keep in mind that we’re asking about child support that the adults in your home pay, NOT child support that you or your children receive from someone outside of your home.