Asset Details

To answer this question, please tell us the cash value of the assets each person owns. If you have more than one of each type of asset, you’ll need to add them together.

If you own an asset with other people, you should only tell us your share. For example, if you and your spouse own a checking account with $400 together, please type $200 for your checking account and $200 for your spouse's checking account.

If you don’t have one of the assets on the list, you don’t have to type anything into that box.

Keep in mind that there are many assets you should not count, including your most expensive car or the home where you live and any personal items you may have.

If you own more than one car or other vehicle, you should count any extra vehicles as assets. The cash value of the vehicle is the amount of money you would get if you sold it. If you owe money on the vehicle, you should only count any profit you would make from selling the vehicle.