Shelter Expenses

If you receive Section 8, HUD, or some other type of state or federal rental assistance we need to know what you receive.


We need to know the amount that you actually pay the landlord. Do not include the amount of the subsidy. For example if your total rent is $800 and you have Section 8 that pays $600 and you pay $200. You should enter $200 as the amount you pay the landlord.


You will only see the page for each type of bill that you told us about.


For each type of housing bill, enter the amount that the person is supposed to pay.


Tell us what the expense is that you have to pay.

Enter the total amount that he or she is responsible for, even if he or she can't pay all of the bill..

If the person shares this bill with someone else, enter the total amount of the bill. If this person splits the bill (for example, with a roommate), enter only this person's share not the whole amount. 


If you have a bill that you pay only once or twice a year, enter the estimated amount you would pay if it were monthly.  For example, if you pay $2,400 a year in property taxes, you should tell us that the monthly amount is $200, or $2,400 divided by 12.


If a person is responsible for any more bills of this type, select Yes. For example, if someone has two mortgages, you should click the Yes radio button to enter information about the second mortgage.  If the person isn't responsible for any more bills of this type, select No.


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