Real Property


On this page, we're asking about the real estate that you've told us each person has.


First, we'd like to know if the owner lives in or on the real estate property.  This should be the property owner's primary residence.  For example, if you own a house in Hartford and a condo in New Haven, you'll need to tell us about both properties.  But, if you spend most of your time in Hartford, you should tell us that you live in the house.


If the owner does not live in or on this property, we're asking if he or she plans to return to the property.  This applies to people who may be staying in a hospital, nursing home, or other care facility.  For example, if you are staying in the hospital right now but plan to return to your home, you should answer yes to this question.  If it's not your primary residence or you don't expect to return to the property, you should answer no.


Next, if the owner has a spouse, we will ask if the owner's spouse is living in or on the property.  Then, please tell us if the owner has another relative living in or on the property.


Based on your answers to the first questions, you may see some more questions about the property.


First, please tell us the fair market value of the property.  By fair market value, we mean the amount you would get if you sold it on the open market.


Next, please tell us how much the person owes on the property.  For example, if you bought a house for $60,000 and you've paid $20,000 of it with your down payment and payments on the principal, the amount you owe is $40,000.


Then, please tell us if someone else owns the property with this person.  This is called a "joint owner."  If there is not a joint owner, leave these questions blank.

·          If a joint owner lives in your home, check the box for that person.

·          If a joint owner lives outside of your home, check the box for "someone outside of the home".  Then type the name of each joint owner in the box.

·          If the property is owned by more than two people, check all of the boxes that apply.  For example, you might check the box for a person in the home and "someone outside of the home." If you choose someone outside of the home, please be sure to type in his or her name.


Last, for each type of real estate, we'll ask if that person has any more of the same type of real estate.  For example, this would give you a chance to tell us if someone has more than one house.  If the person does have the same type of real estate, click the Yes radio button.  On the next page, you can tell us about the next item.  If the person doesn't have the same type of real estate, click the No radio button.


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