Life Insurance


On this page, we're asking you to tell us more about which type of life insurance each person owns.


By "Whole Life", we mean life insurance that covers you until your death.  In most cases, your premiums stay the same, and the insurance company will invest your premiums.  Depending on the policy, you may be able to cash in some or all of the value of the policy before you die.


"Universal" is similar to "Whole Life" insurance.  With Universal, the premium amounts may change, and in some cases, the policy is not guaranteed to last your whole life.


By "Term", we mean life insurance that you buy for a set period of time for a set price.  If you die during this period of time, your beneficiary will get the full amount of the policy.  Term policies don't grow in value over time.


By "Group", we mean life insurance that you purchase or get at no cost through your employer or an association.  "Group/Term" is group insurance that applies only for a set period of time and has no cash value.


 By “Group/Term” we mean a group insurance policy covers you only until you stop working for your current employer.


If the person doesn't own any type of life insurance, check the box for "None."


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