Dependent Care Expenses

You told us that someone in your home pays someone to care for a child, for an adult with a disability or for an elderly person living in your home. Please answer the questions to tell us more about this dependent care.


Dependent care includes daycare or after-school care for children, or care for an incapacitated adult who is living in your home. Incapacitated means someone who cannot care for themselves because of an illness, injury or disability.


Note that we are only asking about care that allows someone to go to work or school or job training, or to look for a job.  For example, if the person pays a babysitter while he or she goes to work in the evening, you should tell us what the person pays to the babysitter.  But, if the person pays a babysitter while he or she goes to the store, you should not tell us about that child care.


You can only select one person at a time.  If you pay for care for more than one person, select one person to answer questions about first.  If you make more than one payment for each child or adult, enter information about the first payment.  To enter more information about other payment(s), select Yes to the last question.


Enter the amount for daycare that this person has to pay this month, even if they are not able to pay it all.


If the person listed on the page pays for other care, select Yes.  If they don't, select No.


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