Cash, bank accounts and other assets


On this page, we're asking about the change in the amount of money someone has on hand that you told us about. Please type in the new amount.

We're asking for more information about the financial account that someone in your home has that you told us about.


Depending on the type of asset, you may see questions about the name of the bank or company where the asset is held.  If you know the address of the bank or company, enter it into the fields.


Please tell us how much money is in the account and choose the type of account from the drop-down menu.


You will need to provide the contact details for the bank/company that has the account. Also tell us the account number.


Sometimes, there are others who co-own the account. If there is a co-owner and they live in the household, check the box next to their name. If the co-owner does not live in the household, select Someone Outside the Home and provide their information.


If a person has any more of the same type of asset, select Yes. If the person doesn't have the same type of asset, select No.


To close this window and return to ConneCT without saving, click the CANCEL & EXIT button.


To save your application and return to ConneCT, click the SAVE & EXIT button.