Authorized Representative

An authorized representative is an adult, over the age of eighteen, who has written authorization to act on the behalf of an assistance unit of which he or she is not currently a member, and who would otherwise not be eligible to act without such authorization.


The assistance unit consists of one or more individuals who apply for or receive assistance together under one of the Department's programs.


An assistance unit may be represented in various aspects of the eligibility process by a responsible individual who has been given prior authorization to act as the assistance unit's representative.

A.     An authorized representative is qualified to perform specific functions which vary and are limited by the requirements of each specific program category.

  1. An authorized representative must be designated in writing by one of the following individuals: 

a. in the TFA program, by the caretaker relative of the dependent child;

b. in the Aged Blind or Disabled (AABD) and Medicaid programs, by the applicant, or if the applicant is a child, incompetent or incapacitated, by the parent,         custodian, or court appointed fiduciary;

c. in the SNAP program, by the head of the assistance unit, spouse or other responsible member of the assistance unit.


  1. An assistance unit is permitted to have one authorized representative at a given time, except in the Food Stamp program where separate representatives may be designated to perform the individual functions of making application and purchasing food with an EBT debit card. 
  1. There is no limit to the number of assistance units that an authorized representative may represent. 
  1. In the SNAP program, confirmation of the authorized representative status is obtained periodically at renewal or whenever questionable. 
  1. The appointment of an authorized representative does not relieve the assistance unit of any responsibilities. Both the assistance unit and the representative may be held responsible for assistance improperly obtained through action by the authorized representative. 
  1.  An assistance unit may withdraw its authorization at any time through a written statement


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