Answer the following questions if you are applying for SNAP


Answer the questions on the page to see if you may be able to get SNAP faster.



Enter the total gross income that everyone in your home has received or will receive this month. Include all people who buy food and cook meals together. Total gross income includes the amount received or earned before taxes or any other deductions. Include income that comes from any source, such as a job, Social Security, Unemployment, pension or child support.


Rent or Mortgage

Enter the total monthly amount of your household’s rent or mortgage. Include the rent or mortgage for all household members who buy food and cook meals together.



Utility expenses include but are not limited to: Oil, electricity, natural gas, water, garbage removal, sewer and phone. Include all utilities paid for by a household member, including all individuals who buy food and cook meals together. 


Migrant or Seasonal Farm Worker

Generally, a migrant or seasonal farm worker is a person who moves often and whose primary earnings are from working on a farm.


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