Real Property

On this page, we're asking about the real estate that you've told us each person has.


First, please tell us the fair market value of the property.  By fair market value, we mean the amount you would get if you sold it on the open market.


Next, please tell us how much the person owes on the property.  For example, if you bought a house for $60,000 and you've paid $20,000 of it with your down payment and payments on the principal, the amount you owe is $40,000.


Then, please tell us if someone else owns the property with this person.  This is called a "joint owner."  If there is not a joint owner, leave these questions blank.

·          If a joint owner lives in your home, click the Add Owner button and select their name from the drop down list.

·          If a joint owner lives outside of your home, list their name in the ‘If Other’ Owner box


Last, for each type of real estate, we'll ask if that person has any more of the same type of real estate.  For example, this would give you a chance to tell us if someone has more than one house.  If the person does have the same type of real estate, click the Yes radio button.  On the next page, you can tell us about the next item.  If the person doesn't have the same type of real estate, click the No radio button.


To continue, click the NEXT button.


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To save the renewal or exit the page, click the SAVE & EXIT button. This takes you to the SAVE and EXIT screen where you have a choice of saving or continuing to work on the renewal.


To close this window and return to ConneCT, click the CANCEL & EXIT button.