New Address

Where You Live

Enter the address where you currently live. This is the address that DSS will use to send letters and other information to you. If you are homeless, you can choose a city office to have your mail sent to on the next page.


Mailing Address

If you cannot receive mail at your home address, enter a different mailing address here. DSS sends all mail to your residential address unless you have good cause to use a mailing address.  If you are homeless but you have a mailing address, please type a mailing address.



Utility bills are for the place where you live.


Utilities include: cooling, heat (gas, electric, propane, wood, etc.), garbage/trash pick-up , telephone, electricity (non-heat), water well installation or maintenance, water/sewer, septic sewer installation or maintenance, cooking fuel, utility installation (not deposits).


If you use another type of fuel for heating or cooking, you may be able to claim that as a utility. Utilities do not include cable or internet connections.


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