Verification Checklist and Document Submission

This page shows the categories and types of verification you should provide for each household members based on the programs you applied for. The category gives you the area where you may need to provide more information, the sub-category gives you the specific criteria.


You can mail or upload your documents.


To mail documents you will need to use a cover sheet.


•         Select the “cover sheet” button;

•         You can then print the cover sheet to include with your documents to mail;

•         It is important that you include the cover sheet anytime you send documents to DSS.


To upload documents:


•         Locate the documents on your computer by using the “Browse” button;

•         Select the type of document you are uploading then select “upload”;

•         Your documents will be electronically sent to DSS.


Note: please upload each type of document separately.


The cover sheet has a barcode that includes information that makes it easy to identity your documents.


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